Our Director

Macrijo pharma was incorporated in 19th January 2015 and started operation from august 2018 in India. Macrijo Pharma is a dynamic upcoming pharmaceutical company which has today evolved into a fully integrated health care group. Our Director Mr. Abbas Ali Pathan and worked 22 years for Indian / Multinational pharma companies in a different parts of India. I started my carrier as a Medical representatives and eventually reached as a sales manager and acquired enough knowledge to succeed as a entrepreneur preferred in the pharma business and sales marketing.

The Team

I believe that A successful entrepreneur knows how to build a strong team ; He needs to care for his company, his employees, Business partners, his investors and most importantly his customers. The hallmark of all successful, profitable businesses, Long running has been customer service with loyalty that accompanies happy customers. A successful business generates for 60 to 70 % of their revenue to come from repeat customers and all successful companies best known for their customer loyalty and attracts them regularly.






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